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    Pay Dues Online!

    Pay dues online. Mastercard, Visa and American Express Accepted.

    The Business Office can accept personal checks, money orders and cashiers checks but cannot accept cash or credit cards. Credit card transactions cannot  be processed over the phone.

    Don't Let Your Membership Account become EXPELLED!

     If you must take a leave of absence from the film industry, please get your account current and then request, in writing, an Honorable Withdrawal.

    For more information regarding Honorable Withdrawals, please contact the Business Office.

  • Application for Membership


    There are two things to consider before applying to Local 484:

    1) I.A.T.S.E. 484 is not a hiring hall. You are responsible for finding work yourself.

    2) Once you join the Local, you are a member for life. If you are expelled or take an honorable withdrawal, you will owe back dues to the Local and to the International, should you wish to rejoin. If you are expelled, you will have to pay back dues and fines in their entirety of your absence, a full year of dues in advance, as well as a $50 application fee to rejoin. Members taking an honorable withdrawal are responsible for up to two years of back dues and an administration fee of $25.

    These are not matters to be taken lightly. Be sure you understand the commitment you are making to work professionally in this industry when joining the Local.

    Complete the following forms contained in the application packet:

    · Information Sheet

    · IA Application and Pledge Card

    · Authorization for Representation

    · Payroll Deduction Consent

    · 484 Pledge

    Complete the following support documentation:

    · A verifiable film industry resume—including three references and their contact information

    · A copy of DL and SS card (passport also accepted)

    · Two proofs of 18 months residency within Texas or Oklahoma from the following list (1 must be primary):

    Primary Documents:

    Copy of TX or OK Voter Registration

    Copy of current TX or OK Vehicle Registration

    Copy of Selective Service Notification

    Copy of Concealed Carry Permit (TX or OK CHL)

    Copy of two years of W-2 forms showing continuous TX or OK residency

      Secondary Documents

    Bank statements with date—home/renters/flood insurance policy—lease agreements for current and past residences in TX or OK—current phone/utility/cable bills showing date of purchase

     · Copies of proof of work credits via paycheck stubs or call sheets for a minimum of either 30 days union work or 90 of independent work for each applicable craft. Please refer to the list of crafts we represent for craft titles. If “PA” appears in the working title, the credits cannot be applied.

    **Note: Hairstylists must submit current copies of their cosmetology license within TX or OK

    Medics must submit current copies of their TX or OK EMT and CPR certifications

    Studio Teachers must submit current copies of their TX or OK teaching credentials

    Divers must submit current copies of their rescue diver certification(s)

    · The current application fee as of January 1, 2016, is $980. Please make your check or money order payable to:

    I.A.T.S.E. Local 484

    **Note: Due to liability purposes, all fees collected will be deposited upon receipt. If your application is denied, a refund will be processed and returned to you.

    When submitting your application, please make sure you have enclosed all required supporting documentation and fees before delivering to the local office.

    All documentation must be submitted the Thursday before the monthly Membership Committee meeting for review. INCOMPLETE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTEDD.

    Upon committee approval your application will be submitted to the International Office for endorsement. You will then be added to our rosters and notified by our office.

    According to Article 3, Section 7 our Local’s constitution: A new member may be obligated to the Union by one of the following methods within 60 days of acceptance: 1) by personal appearance before a general membership meeting 2) by any member of the Executive Board, witnessed by a member in good standing or 3) by signed letter of acceptance of obligation

    As of January 2016, the quarterly dues are to be to $70 per quarter or $280 per year.

    1st Quarter: January—March

    2nd Quarter: April—June

    3rd Quarter: July—September

    4th Quarter: October—December

    Please contact the Local 484 business office at (512) 385-3466 or office@iatse484.org, or you may contact the head of our membership committee: Susan McGill at (214) 405-6212 with any questions, comments, or concerns.


    Speak with your home local first about transferring - A transfer card will be issued to our local upon approval from your home local.

    Complete the following forms contained in the application packet:

    *  Transfer Review Card

    *  Information Sheet              

    *  Authorization for Representation

    *  Authorization for Work Dues Deduction

    *  Pledge Card

     Include the following support documentation with the completed transfer application packet:

    1.  A verifiable film industry Resume.

    2.  Copy of Texas/Oklahoma Drivers License and Social Security Card.

    3.  A verification letter from your home local listing the crafts / classifications in which they represent you.

    4.  Proof of 18 month’s residency in the State of Texas/Oklahoma is required.   (i.e., copy of utility bill, apartment lease, tax records, etc.)

    5.  Please contact the office directly for the current transfer application fee $370.  Check / money order payable to:  I.A.T.S.E. Local 484.  Note:  Refund will be processed for denial status.

    All documentation and payment must be complete before the Membership Committee reviews an application.  The application will be presented at the monthly Committee Meeting for review.  Upon the committee’s approval, your transfer will then be submitted to the International Office for their endorsement.  Upon the International’s approval, you will receive notification from our local and asked to be obligated to the Union within 60 days of acceptance.  According to Article 3, Section 7 of our Local’s Constitution:  “A new member may be obligated to the Union by one of the following methods within 60 days of acceptance:  1) by personal appearance before a general membership meeting;  2) by any member of the Executive Board, witnessed by a member in good standing; or  3) by signed letter of acceptance of obligation.”   

    Please contact the Local 484 Business Office to obtain a complete transfer application packet at (512) 385-3466 or iatsetx484@msn.com 
    When requesting an application packet, please provide your first and last name, mailing address, email address and phone number.  You will also be advised of upcoming submission deadlines.  Thank you.

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